Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Girls Bar Emu

In my previos 4 trips, I've never been to a snack/girls bar in Tokyo. Reason being its more expensive. I needed to drink, smoke and karaoke after a whole day in Odaiba (pictures are coming) so finally decided fuck money, I should enjoy myself to the fullest.

Finally found the Mospoeda ending song! Woohoo. Anyway was telling this girl I saw Jigoku de naze wauir when the next girl exclaimed Sono Sion!

Omfg. I finally fucking met a Japanese who knows Sono Sion. So I had to stay longer so she would rotate to me. She hasn't seen his movies but knows him ny reputation cause she's a struggling theatre actress!

We got to talking about Japanese acting and how shit the acting in Hanzawa Naoki is. Omfg. Finally met a person who looks at acting critically and not to mention she acts instead of the I like Erika-sama because she is beautiful response. Plus she like Ama-chan which some of you have highly recommended to me.

Anways, we were talking acting, movies, Miike Takashi and she said she knows someone who worked with Mitsushima Hikari and the person said Mitsushima's acting is on a whole other level.

I was told that me views on Japanese dorama and movies are the same as the people who love jmovies/doramas. Its just your average Japanese sees things differently.

Nice to finally meet a critically minded Japanese. bframe doesn't count. :)


Anonymous said...

quick question, were you speaking all in japanese?
also wheres this snack bar? :P
also how many drinks/snacks did u end up getting in total and how much did it cost you?
im planning to go to japan next year for the first time and was curious about trying these things out.
damn i should get to studying japanese. its been 8 years since i told myself id learn japanese but i keep on putting it off so i can barely speak and maybe only really understand half of what they say in a normal drama. :/

Akiramike said...

Yup, all Japanese. Homepage is here: . Its cheaper to drink in Osaka or Kumamoto. Work on your Japanese, learn hiragana and some simple karaoke songs and you'll be fine. When I first started going 4 years ago thanks to bframe my Japanese was crap. I'll do a write up with info and prices later.

lzyData said...

What, no pictures of the struggling theatre actress :P Pictures! Pictures!