Monday, November 18, 2013

Sambomaster Owaranai Miracle no Youkan Tour 2013 at Rensa Sendai

Fark, I am so tired. That was the longest two hour plus live I have ever been to, and I mean it in a good way.

I went 3 hours early to in case I got lost looking for Rensa and there was a sign stuck on the 7th floor button at the elevator saying only staff was allowed to use it.

Spent one hour walking around Kokubun street which is where the nightlife of Sendai is and looking foe the location of this girls bar I wanted to go after.

Went back, tried the escalator but I doesn't go past the 2nd floor. Luckily ran into a Mensa staff member and found out that they were selling the Sambomaster goods at the second floor stairs!

End of queue at basement.

Didn't pay attention to the 販売 sign stuck to the stairs. Had to queue all the way down to the basement. I guess since its being held on the 7th floor of a building, there was no other way to queue.

There were like 1000 people there at most which is awesome. One third the size of Zepp Nagoya which was the first time I saw Scandal.

Though it was a live house, we had to line up according to ticket number. Had to pay 500円 for drinks, put bag in locker and have a smoke. I noticed some fans not trying to get close to the stage and hung around the back. I was going to find out why.

Sambomaster singer said female fans had increased due to some reason and chikan is not forgiven. Sambomaster fans not only make Scandal fans look subdued, they jump all over the place knocking into people like pinballs.

Doesn't matter where you stand cause you will end up elsewhere. Lets just say I ended up inadvertantly jumping against girls due to the crowd.

I can say I'm familiar with most of Sambomaster's songs except for the last album which I could not find as a free download. I didn't know quiet a few songs but this turned out to be a good thing cause I lost my voice three times.

At the end of it I was comepletely drenched in sweat, my rars were ringing をand my feet hurt like hell. Had to abandon drinking plans and save my voice for Osaka tomorrow. Should have gone drinking last night. Ggrr.

Anyway, songs. Happy they played Rock and Roll is not dead, Kodoku no Rendevous, Slow Motion Love and of course Sekai wa sore wo ai to yobun daze. Disappointed they didn't sing Anata no koto shika kangaerarenai. Actually I don't even think its available on Dam. My hope against hope song was Anata to ikitai. I wonder if they song I love, I need you Fukushima at the Fukushima live?

Too tired so decided to get this take away grom Coco Ichi for only 1000円. Only in Japan can you get this from a curry house.

Really awesome live. Crowd was just crazy and surprisingly young but its Sendai after all. Stoked I got to see Sambomaster up close. The bass dude messed up a queue which lead to chants of missushitenai which lead to it being used many times to great comedic effect. Instead of the usual ankoru chants at the end, it was rock and roll.

Huge thanks to bframe for getting the tickets. I really want to see Samomaster again. I have no idea if they are doing live houses cause they are not popular or on purpose but the intimate jrock experience is the best.


bframe5 said...

What? You mean, they didn't stop half way through to talk for 30 mins? ;)

Akiramike said...

Short ramblings in between songs here and there. Felt I got my money's worth of songs. Kinda scared to go to the Scandal one now.