Thursday, November 21, 2013

Muahahaha, got my calenders for 2014!

First off is the Uehara Ai calender! Could have ordered it online last month but its better to get it youself. I was scared it would turn out like the Ryu ga Gotoku phone cover and had to get Iino to order it for me.

I spent a lot of time running around trying to find this only to be told it was sold out. There was a shop where all the calenders were signed and had a sign saying recommended: Uehara Ai. If only I started looking earlier.

Pics after I peruse the calender somewhere more private. Kanji practise is useful in every situations.

The second is the Mano Erina calender which just came out yesterday. Weeee. Me so happy.


Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:

This is *exactly* what I looked like... 20 years ago. LLLLOOOLLL...

Akiramike said...

You looked like Mano Erina??????

Anonymous said...

Rootabega here:
Well, I used to look as young as her...once. LOL. Not nearly as cute, I'm sure. I used to be really young-looking for my age. My short stature and childlike features may have made my exes look a bit like pedos, heh. Apparently, this would have been a feature, not a bug, in Japan.

Anonymous said...

BTW in no way I'm suggesting you're a poive. I love getting the inside scoop on Japan in your blog. Even though I was able to talk my way into a kyabakura in my town recently (for karaoke!), that will never ever happen in J-land.
P.S. please watch out for those damn clip joints, I hear the worst ones will even rough up the customers:(((

Akiramike said...

Poive? Kyabakuras don't do karaoke in Japan as far as I know. Haven't been completely ripped off yet as my kyabakuras have been with bframe who claims to know one that has Kichise Michiko like hostesses.