Friday, November 08, 2013

17th Japanese Film Festival is coming to Melbourne!

Looks like a good line up this year. Actually the festival is already halfway through its 'tour' of Australia with only Sydney, Darwin and Melbourne left. Was hoping for Sono Sion's Why don't you play in Hell but hopefully I can watch it soon. :) Tickets are $17 but its better to go for the 5 tickets for $70 combo. Unfortunately, the 5 tickets cannot be split between venues.



Aka sheltered son falls in love with Kaho as blind girl? I am so there. One cannot have too much Kaho.


Matsuda Ryuhei and Miyazaki Aoi in a movie about creating a dictionary. Was on the fence but reviews seem good.


Abe Sadao, Inoue Mao and Ono Machiko in a comedy about the super dogeza? Should be good.


Yamada Takayuki in a dark movie that has good reviews. Not entirely sure what its about since I just had a quick glance through reviews to see whether it was positive or negative. The less I know when I go in, the better.


Miike Takashi's attempt at a big budget action thriller. So-so reviews but I want to see Japan pull of a decent serious cop show instead of those shows that try to be too cool to the point of stupidity. I'm keeping my expectations low so hopefully it will surprise me. The climax better not be in an abandoned warehouse next to a harbour.


Maki Yoko and Suzuki Anne in a adult drama? Yes, please.


Watching for Hirosue Ryoko and Fukuda Mayuko. Unfortunately, Inagaki Goro is in it. :( Hopefully his acting is more University of Laughs and less Nagareboshi.



Guaranteed everyone will be attacked by onion ninjas movie about the aftermath of the tsunami. Better to watch at home.


I sooooo want to watch this. Mitsushima Hikari in a love triangle with Namakemono-san (which is going to be incesty weird after watching Woman) and Ayano Gou. Unfortunately somone decided it would be a good idea to screen it at the same time as The Apology King! WTF!!!! Why not screen it with something stupid like Gatchaman or a Johnnys movie? Gggrrrrr....


The only way I would watch this is if I were boarding a plane to Japan straight after watching. Otherwise, its the equivalent of torturing myself for one and a half hours and not being able to relieve the pain.


Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I saw shield of straw on the way to Japan in September. It was OK actually but you might like it more than me. Kind of an interesting premise.

randonneuse said...

I'd definitely recommend The Great Passage, having seen it at the Seattle Int'l Film Festival & liked it enough to watch a second time when it was a choice on a recent flight. Shield of Straw, however, was poor. It seems to be the movie that follows the SP dorama series (which I haven't watched) with police doing stupid things for high-minded reasons. If you have watched SP and are invested in the characters, it might mean more. Or if you just like watching mindless violence, you might enjoy it.

Cyberwave said...

Among these movies I had watched The Great Passage & The Apology King. Agreed with randonneuse that TGP is a good movie. Unlike the director Ishii Yuya's previous works like "Kawa no soko kara konnichi wa", it's filmed in a more mainstream way. Although the story of dictionary producers seems boring, but it was successfully portrayed with funny and warm moments. 7.5/10.

Choosing between The Apology King & End of Summer, I'll definitely pick the latter one. That doesn't mean TAK is bad. It has hilarious and crazy gags mins by mins which was enjoyable. but I had a feeling of "Is it too much?" at the close end of story.I'll gave it 7.5/10 as well but honestly I liked TGP more.

The reason I recommend watching End of Summer first is that TAK would definitely be subbed when the disc is out. The cast of End of Summer seems not eye-catchy enoguh to the subbers, if you know what I mean,sigh~

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Ore Ore didn't play at the VIFF, but you can see it in Melbourne with a Q&A with Miki Satoshi. I am sooo jealous. The Abe Sadao film looks good, too.

Anonymous said...

You're not going to watch Hajimari no michi(Dawn of a Filmmaker)?! Kase Ryo, Tanaka Yuko, Mitsuishi Ken, Yusuke Santamaria...and it's about Kinoshita Keisuke!
Natsu no Owari looks great too. Mitsushima Hikari and Kobayashi Kaoru directed by Kumakiri Kazuyoshi (Green mind, Metal bats; Sketches of Kaitan City; and the upcoming Watashi no Otoko, with Asano Tadanobu and Nikaido Fumi)... I'd definitely give it a try.
I watched Ore Ore last spring, and it was pretty interesting... and Q&A sessions with Miki Satoshi are just great!
I've been wanting to watch The Ravine of Goodbye since the moment I saw its trailer... I like Omori Tatsushi's films, the cast looks good, and Maki Yoko is amazing...
By the way, I've watched Why don't you play in Hell in Venice... not bad, but I was expecting something better...
Well, enjoy the festival, and please tell us about the films you'll watch!

Akiramike said...

Gonna keep my expectations low for Shield of Straw.
I think End of Summer should be easier to watch without English subs.
No idea who Kinoshita Keisuke is and I'll wait for Natsu no Owari on download.

Antspace said...

your JFF rocks! You got Miki Satoshi and Yachigusa Kaoru san (I love her!) in person, AND a great line up of movies.

As I was reading your post on it, I was wondering when the Amsterdam JFF was going to take place, checked their site... last month >_<
Well F me. Didn't notice it at all : P

Anyways, enjoy! : )