Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back in Japan

Edit: Just had my first minor earthquake! Woohoo.

This time its more of an R&R trip. There won't be a lot of photos though I've got some exciting stuff planned. Its been a long 8 months and now its time to continue my last trip. Can't believe I mistook my Vita portable charger cable for my 3DS one. Gggrr. Going to lose a lot of Street Fighter BP tomorrow.

Need phone with image stabiliser.


Anonymous said...

been reading ur blog for some time now. and u have no idea how jealous I am about all ur trips to Japan.

Anyway, have fun.

Antspace said...

Whaaa! The Tokyo train (not stabilized ; )
You're in Japan again! Natsukashi!
I miss Japan : (
Have a great stay!

Jung said...

oh man I'm so jealous.

might as well just stay put this time around. I'm sure Australia will do just fine without you. ;)

gankoooyaji said...

Great news - I love your comments on Japan Have fun!

4545 said...

Second the motion to remain in Japan..... to be population stabilizer. ;)

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Have fun! I'm living through you vicariously...sigh.

kondthol said...

I envy you, Akiramike. Do you work as a researcher so you can travel back and forth to Japan this frequently? Anyway, looking forward to your report and have fun!

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

Arrrrghhhh it's only been two months since I was there and I already miss it. Say hi to tonkatsu for me.