Monday, April 30, 2012

Kodoku no Gurume



Since the comments for Suitei Yuzai turned into a Kodoku no Gurume discussion and the comments do say what I wanted to say about this show, I might as well do some copy and paste.

Anonymous said: So far in 2012 only Kodoko no Gurume (if Shinya Shokudo is softcore food porn, this is hardcore) and Unmei no Hito have been satisfying.

Jung said: Kodoku no Gurume hahaha... that show is all food, and no plot!!! It's a borderline variety show. Everything looked so good though... I loved the korean solo bbq episode... omg

Anonymous said: The food is the plot! Like, dramatic percussion... tracking shot of some insanely tasty-looking dish, our protagonist goes all over it, and then we get variations on the "this is great" tune. Never missed an episode.

My stomach cannot handle looking at this.

Kodoku no Gurume is food torture porn, unless you live in Japan. I won't find good Japanese food in Melbourne. Even something simple like katsudon can never be as crispy as the ones in Japan. Its now 12 am and my stomach is going nuts. Should have bought some food before writing this.

Hitori yakiniku!!!! Didn't occur to me that since Japan has hitori karaoke, it would have hitori yakiniku! Must find places like this for my next trip!

This is very close to a variety show. There's always some story with our main character going about his job and interacting with clients/residents of the area he is visiting but half the episodes don't even qualify as stories. Not to mention that the last 5 minutes is the mangaka visiting the shop that the main character went to.

I've only eaten okonomiyaki only once in 3 trips to Japan. :(

Might as well do your typical food variety show with your gravure actress visiting various eateries. It is fun listening to Goro's inner monologue. Reminds me of being in Japan, looking for ramen shops, looking at the menu at the wall and what other people are eating. 

Katsudon for 540 yen????? Ebifrydon for 580 yen? Actually, have to look at the portion though. Tokyo Chikara Meshi had like katsu and karubi for like 900 yen though the katsu wasn't good.

As a drama, Kodoku no Gurume fails because there's hardly any story. They waste time going to the same shop twice. Its more food variety show disguised as a dorama rather than the other way around.


WTF am I going to find some decent takeaway now 12am in the morning???? I can't go to sleep on a growling stomach!


Anonymous said...

Loved the sudden zooming out in the middle of the, uh, plot, and him suddenly going: "But the hell with that. HEY. I'M HUNGRY."

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I freaking love this drama. I like the main guy -- he's a lot like myself. I love going to eat by myself too. (In fact, I have an excel file for restaurants in Tokyo -- based on stuff from and sunnypages and a little comments section that says "for eating alone" or "for takeout.")

I wouldn't mind reading the manga too I think.

I'd like to visit some of these places but they're probably filled with other people trying to visit them for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know that they will make a sequel for this drama, sorry I mean variety show LOL?

Furthermore, another Masayuki Kusumi's manga (Hana Zubora Meshi) also will be aired next season as well

Anonymous said...

Started watching the second season. The storylines are getting better but it should have more closure towards the end. They should stop the creator segment and just focus on the story. I would like to know how he deals with his clients wishes in the end. Kinda like meets clients, client expresses oddball wish, Goro thinks about it and finds inspiration in the restaurant of the day and ends the show with a fantastic sale or not.

Akiramike said...

I only watched the creator segments just for the food and to see the casting of the actors vs the actual shop people. Unfortunately Goro's job is merely an afterthought.

nomuramai said...

i haven't seen any review from you on kodoku 3, but i have to say what i am focusing on more and more is the supporting actors and actresses on the show, i sort of appreciate them, and some of them usually get a short focus, that may be the best thing about 3...although the writer's segments i find annoying...

Akiramike said...

Skipping Kodoku 3 for now. There's not enough story to satisfy me and the writer's segment is basically food repeat.

dgundam said...

heh.. i only watch kodoku no gurume for the last 5 mins of the show with the creator for the food XD