Monday, April 09, 2012

Day 12 Osaka International Peace Center

The Osaka Peace Center was on the border of the Osaka-jo koen. It was raining so I saved going to the Koen another day.

Raisu karubi burger at Mos Burger. Too small and nothing special.

Crossing the overhead bridge to Peace Center.

Quite a difference from the Yasukuni shrine which I visited last year, acknowledging Japan`s past war crimes..

Lots of pictures and stuff from Japan invading Asian countries and WW2.

I`ve got the exact same book back in Malaysia.

Part of exhibit about Japan`s invasion of South East Asia.

The final exhibit room about wars post WW2 but a clock indicating how close the world was to nuclear war during each period.

The actual front of the Peace Centre which faces the Osaka-jo koen. To be honest, the International Peace Center is not that interesting compared to the Yasukuni museum. Huge difference in size and the peace center is too few stuff.

Tsukemen at Misawa just opposite Fukushima station.

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