Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 14 and 15 Osaka-jo and plenty of sakura shots.

Went back to Mitsuboshi and had the noko ramen charsyu mashi which means extra charsyu. My stomach is growling as I type this.

Next is Kinryu ramen. Very easy to find. They are all over shinsaibashi.

Standard ramen. Still decent. Most impressive thing was the one guy running the shop with just a machine to take orders. He was cooking the ramen, cutting meat etc in between. You had to eat standing.

Can`t remember name but I think he was grand master Vega (Dictator) having a long series of matches against a master Fei Long and making the match up look so easy. I had lost a lot of points by this time but this Ken fought me for like 20 matches and made some points back. .

Entrace to Osako-jo koen.

You will be sick of sakura trees by the end of this post.

Should have sung more sakura songs in Osaka.

Osaka castle is surrounded by water and has high walls.

Its more lake than English castle moat.

Bit of a trek up to Osaka-jo.

Sick of sakura trees yet?

I can just imagine ninjas running the roofs.

Stupid board getting in the way of the shot.

View from eighth floor. The castle is a museum to Lord Hideyoshi or whatever his name is but I found it boring. Imagine directing a battle from on top like an rts and using banners and sound to control your troops.

Should have looked up whether there is a Shinsengumi museum. Not that, I would bloody enjoy.

The ultimate backyard. Bloody beautiful.

More sakura pictures.They still haven`t mankai at that time but it was my last day in Osaka. :(

The Fukushima shotengai sign nearly blown down by the crazy typhoon the day before.

Was looking for this ramen shop in Namba but couldn`t find it. Settled for Tenkaipin. Lots of stuff but not enough ramen.

Here`s Kanji is hard. The individual kanjis for 天下一品 read Ten shita ichi hin.


Jung said...

should've asked for noodle refill!

"Masta! Kae-dama!!!"

Akiramike said...

Most of the time tonkotsu very filling and fatty but I did ask for Kaedama for this ramen place in Asakusabashi which I shall write about in next post.