Monday, April 23, 2012

Suitei Yuuzai ep 1

Looks like Vulcan300 fansubs is becoming the go to fansub for WOWOW doramas. This time we have Suutei Yuuzai, which means presumed guilty. Shinozuka Yoshio has convicted and imprisoned for 12 years for murdering a little girl. The case against him was based on Yoshio's confession and a positive DNA test. His lawyer Ishihara Yoko (Kuroki Hitomi) managed to prove his innocence with another DNA test.

Nakamura Tooru plays Kayama Seiji, the journalist who wrote an article condemning Yoshio. I remember him most from playing Akamatsu in Soratobu Taiya. He is absolutely perfect for playing those righteous good guys without making his character seem like an idiot and getting audience sympathy. Seiji did his own investigation and was convinced that Yoshio was the killer.

You've got Motokariya Yuika as Yoshio's daughter, Miho. She's changed her last name but still doesn't want to see her father so there's something going on there. Mimura is the sister of the murdered girl and she has something against Yoshio. Perhaps she knows something about his newly declared innocence?

I have a feeling the music is by the guy who did Iryu and Triangle but I could be wrong. Listen doing the awesome scene when Yoshio walks out a free man and the ending scene. A bit too early to declare the movie a must watch cause the first episode is pure set up but you can see that Suitei Yuuzai is more than just whether Yoshio is actually guilty.

Forgot to look for Kazoku Hotei in Japan. But then even second hand dorama series are very expensive there.

You've got politicians using Yoshio to enhance their popularity. You got Yoshio declaring revenge on the mass media, police and judiciary that condemned him. You've a lawyer who apparently has a less than reputable name who probably has her own agenda. Terajima Susumu, the useless father from Gold is Katsuragi, someone who may know something about the murder incident. He is also known to Asada Kunio, the policeman who got the confession out of Yoshio 12 years ago.

Haven't seen her since Gonzo.Hope she becomes a WOWOW regular.

Lots of material for a very explosive dorama. I expect a lot of people trying to manipulate each other and crazy shit to happen when plans go awry. Screw it, I'm going to declare it must watch despite the casting of Jinnai Takanori because ep 1 had me on the edge of my seat and I am so tempted right now to watch the rest of it raw.

I was watching this scene waiting for when the Bug-eyes' eyes would be biggest when I noticed something. Jinnai Takanori never blinked! I have no idea whether he does this in real life or is it just his acting. I've been told that I don't blink when I play SF. Does Bug-eyes acting require so much concentration that he is unable to blink? Will watch his performance in the later episodes for signs of blinking but I think its a big reason why his acting is so unnatural.

Love the above scene when Yoshio visits his wife's grave and the mass media just barges in, especially this reporter with a smile on her face while doing something very rude.

She's also among the reporters waiting for him outside the prison gates. Love the continuity. Its a small thing but it makes things more real.

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