Friday, April 06, 2012

Day 10 Yokohama

First of all I`m now rank BBB+ in SSF4AE2012! Yeah. Will I reach A rank before the end of my trip. I`m now at 20000+ BP. Now idea how much to go before A rank. There`s this new girl at Gift whose name is Kana and OMFG she is fucking cute. Megumi was the best looking girl there until Kana came along. The shocking thing is she wants to go to Korea for plastic surgery. WTF. She says she didn`t like her nose since she was young. WTF. Hopefully she`s bloody working tomorrow so I can get a picture cause she is soooooo kawaii~~~~~~~. A girl this fucking cute feel like she has to go plastic. FFS fucking Koreans and their plastic surgeries. Kana is soooooooo kawai~~~~. And she`s new too which makes it even better.

Went to my annual maid cafe visit.

That`s omurice with Doraemon`s face on it. It was one of the girls` last day so two guys were ordering all the expensive stuff. Imagine a host club champagne call with moe moe and nyan nyan lol. It was very busy and the interesting thing was that half the customers were girls! I think maid cafe`s have become more than just the domain of guys with backpacks and tourists.

Outside Yokohama station.

Taking train to Shin Yokohama. Maybe I should have taken the shinkansen instead.

Shin Yokohama ramen museum.

Its gots ramen from all over Japan.

And its made to to look and feel like tokyo from the 1940s.

They just needed enka to complete the picture.

Ordering machine for the Kumamoto ramen store.

This is the best fucking ramen I`ve ever tasted in my life. The moment I entered, I could smell the pork. Its that bloody fragrant. OMFG. Looking at the picture just makes my stomach growl. The soup is bloody thick and taste magical. The meat and garlic smell is godlike. My next trip I`m bloody going Kumamoto and eating their ramen everyday. I`m fucking going back when I get back to Tokyo.

Love this sign which says mirai/future. IMHO the ramen museum is a must visit. Shame I couldn`t be fucked going my last two trips. Kumamoto ramen saiko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aarrrr said...

Akiramike, pimping in japan like a boss

Akiramike said...

Pimping is making money off girls. The girls are making me very poor.

maiku said...

Was that the ramen museum from Koi ga Shitai x3? Sort of looks the same.

animemiz said...

Ahhh.. the ramen museum. I recall trying a ramen croquette there.

Akiramike said...

It was in Koi go Shitai? I remember a lot of things from it but not any ramen museum. I`ll put in on my rewatch list.

Ramen croquette? Sounds delicious. Hopefully I can find time to go back here.