Saturday, April 07, 2012

Day 15: Goodbye Osaka

Me and Yuka. The most akarui girl at the snack.

Lots of pictures from my five days in Osaka but just want to write about my last night of snaku-ing in Osaka.

There was this one girl who was a fan of whatever the last Macross series was and knew Ai Oboeteimasu ka and Watashi no kareshi wa pilot. Got her to sing Ai Oboeteimasu ka with me. Something I never thought would happen because it seems like no one knows the original Macross series. Apparently the two classic songs appear are heard in the new anime. Unfortunately, she had to leave early to catch her train. Gah, should have gotten there earlier.

Megumi looks horrible in this picture. Trust me when I say she is hot, has the Goto Maki cool vibe and is muched improved in conversation from last year.

Unfortutely Kana was not there tonight. Oh well. Sang two Sakai Masaki songs. Can`t remember what else. Oh yes, gave Yuka a present.

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