Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 16 and 17: Back in Tokyo

Back in Asakusabashi and OMFG sakura mankai!

Everywhere you walk there are sakura trees.

I think this is in Akiba.

Virtual On alive and kicking at Hey Akiba.

Figure exhibit at Hey Game Center.

Kyubey punch inflatable thingie. Lol.

VF tournament. A bit hard to see the online streaming equipment in this picture.

Raoh getting frisky.

Random pic from figure shop. I have to use silent camera in figure shops cause they don't allow pictures.

More sakura shots from Asakusabashi.

Pictures of loot will come in separate post.

Takarazuka line dancing in front of UDX in Akiba to promote a show.

Not pictured is a whole row of dudes in front of me with huge and expensive cameras.

Went to this Tonkotsu ramen place on top of Yodobashi Akiba.

Crap ramen IMO. Inno thought it was ok.

Went to this izakaya place in Shinjuku for dinner since we spent the whole afternoon playing at Club Sega Shinjuku West. Order everything from this tablet.

Very cool, expensize...

..and portions were small. But you do get your own room.

Before this day I was a bit over 20000bp in SF4 and I bloody lost 1500bp to Iino. We were both BBB+ and he became a Master from my points. We played whole afternoon on two machines that were only connected to each other.

After losing so many points, decided to stop our 1v1, went to the other machines and managed to win my 15000 bp back. Got a few wins against master Blanka and high rank ryus. If I had not lost all those points to Iino, I would have been A rank. Gahhhhh.

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