Monday, April 16, 2012

Japan 2012 loot


I know you're probably thinking where's New Love Plus? The game was recalled after it was found to be very, very buggy. How the four 'reviewers' at Famitsu ever finished the game without encountering bugs, I don't know.

The game I played the most was Labyrinth no Kanata at around 10 hours. Its Ico meets Might and Magic with a colour based battle system that I don't really like. Project Mirai only has 1 really good song and I still prefer the Project Diva gameplay. Oh yes, you can watch 3D idoling!! clips though I have yet to get the wifi working on my router.

I just had to buy this game. Great for practicing my kanji.

This baby took a huge chunk of my cash. My big reason for buying wasn't for any game but because of the UMD passport and its got a bigger screen than the PSP. My PSP is my most played system if you don't count Street Fighter and I've got a lot of unfinished games on it.

What I didn't realise was that very few games have the UMD passport and a lot of games are still not on the PSN store. Was hoping to use the passport for my Project Diva and Idolmaster UMDs. Downloaded Project Diva Extend onto the Vita and the timing feels way off. Dunno if its the larger screen, smaller buttons or if there's lag with PSP emulation. Switched to my PSP and I can combo so much easier.

Hate the right analog stick which gets in my way. So I think I'll be sticking to my PSP for PSP games. Oh yeah, Sony hasn't got PS1 emulation running on the Vita. WTF. Was hoping to continue playing it on the Vita since the PSP screen is kind of small for a 4:3 screen ratio game. Looking forward to the new Miku Vita game though.

Uncharted feels like playing on a PS3. Haven't tried Gravity Daze yet. Played the demo in stores and it was interesting.

My annual 20000 yen on psn points. So many great PSP games to get from PSN store and no time to play.


Wasn't planning to get so many figures. My initial plan was to buy lots of manga for reading but figures are more tempting.

Was running around Akiba on my last day last trip looking for this. Had a hard time finding this and found it at a figure shop off an alley.

Really wanted this figure because its got nice clock parts behind Makise Kurisu. Should probably have taken pictures of the figures unboxed by all the pics were taken in Japan and its nearly 3am now and I have to get to sleep soon.

When I saw this, I knew I had to have it. 8000 yen for a polystone figure is an awesome price.

Menma nendroid!!!!! Regretting not getting the regular Menma and Anaru figures.

I bought this figure for 1200 yen. Yes, that is not a typo. No idea why such an awesome figure is selling for so cheap but I think it was a UFO prize. Really big and looks really good.

Got it from Mandrake Akiba for like 4500 yen cause the leg is broken but nothing that super glue can't fix. Took whole afternoon deciding whether to get this or the Good Smile figures and running around trying to get the best price. Leaving the shopping for last 2 days is very exhausting.

Homura has a nice machine gun.

Voice Kyubei!

The biggest find of my trip. Iori figure for only 3000 yen!!!!! Got it from thee FiguaR shop.  Didn't have a box but is in mint condition. This must be so rare.


Masakazu Katsura artbook. I reread I's every year.

Mano Erina photobook. Just realised that I have yet to visit a HP! shop, if they are still around.

Zone reunion book. Need Mizuho!!!!!!

VF5FS book. I played a bit at the arcades. A lot has changed since VF5 ver C.

The SF book for AE 2012. I believe I've bought the guide book for every upgrade which is a lot of money.

Yuri moe book.


Hanshin Tigers shirt, not that I like baseball.

No nice Ano Hana shirts. I only bought this cause it was 1600 yen. Standard price for anime shirts is 3000 yen.

XL Steins Gate shirt which feels like an L. Should have bought the other design.

Macross shirt. Shirt wise, my favourite has to be the Scandal vs Budokan shirt. I already covered all the Scandal merchandise here.

Lastly, Soredemo Ikite Yuku poster. Easy to find posters of doramas I hate but not doramas I love.


Jesus Christ Supercop said...

That must have cost more than what I get in two or three months. Was it difficult to haul all of that back home?

I don't think I'll be buying much, if anything, when I go to Japan (in the far future). I'm not into figurines and collectibles and such, and if I want to buy movies or games I'll just order them online.

Akiramike said...

Figures don't weigh much. They take up a lot of space. Mangas weigh a lot. Was so tempted to the whole set of H2 for like less than 4000 yen but it was super heavy.

If you're into Japanese games, game browsing is so much fun.

sensei991 said...

So much stuff! I can't believe that you're such an otaku. Your bedroom must look like Densha Otoko's - LOL.

Seriously, I respect your reviews. Keep up the good work.