Sunday, April 01, 2012

Day 4 and 5: Yokkaichi

Smoking area at Tokyo Shinkansen platform.

Waiting to get on Shinkansen.

Got to Yokkaichi at night. Spend the whole afternoon playing Street Fighter. Havent written a lot about SF but I'm now BB+ rank. Shit lot of good players who without cards. Fighting a Blanka master does not feel like a 6-4 matchup and Cody counter hit into ultra is scary. Bloody got demolished 10 games in a row yesterday by a cardless Ken at Shibuya Kaikan. And I thought I knew the bloody match up.

Walking down from JR to Kintetsu station.

We went to this pretty awesome yakiniku place. Imagine those old country bars you see in jdoramas being run by husband and wife. You order meat and they just prepare it and drop it onto the plate in front of you. Enka music in the background. Very homely feel. Reminds me of that yakitori place in Hakone 2 years ago.

We went drinking after and I made the mistake of drinking too fast. Luckily no toilet bowl hugging. Still able to see properly at time picture was taken.

Random pics from walking around Yokkaichi the next day. Was thinking about going to Nagoya but the health place that bframe recommended is closed on Tuesdays and I'll probably go from Osaka next week.

Unfortunately bframe had to work very late so no drinking on day 2.

Present from bframe. Something about 3D better than 2D. I agree on that when it comes to Japanese girls.

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