Saturday, March 31, 2012

Days 3 and half of 4 - still in Tokyo

Ok. Time to fill in the missing days.

From day 2, after Odaiba wanted to go to Mutekiya ramen in Ikebukuro but there was a huge ass line. Still haven`t gone there yet.

Really awesome band at Akiba. Unfortunately, I was on my way to Hey game centre.

Nothing like waiting for laundry, having a smoke and playing my 3DS. :)

Larger crowd outside AKB48 cafe.

Bazaar outside UDX in Akiba.

Pikachu, baubasaur and dunno the green one.

So tempted by the Miku Koi wa sensou figure. (Bottom right) Bloody huge box though and I`ve already got 3 Miku figures...

Waiting for Iino outside Shinjuku Station south exit.

Went for Katsudon lunch. The only difference was grinding some seeds of sort to mix with the sauce. This was of course before I got destroyed by his Seth.

Yum. Very juicy katsu not like the usual stuff in Melbourne.

Somewhere in Shinjuku. Come on sakura season!!!!!

Went to this place in Shinjuku called Tokyo chikara meshi which means Tokyo Energy Food.

Mmmm, ebi fry. The more filling set has a huge piece of katsu instead of the ebi. Still not as good as the old 880\ karubi from Matsuya which seems to have disappeared from their menu.

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