Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 1: Akiba and Shinjuku.

New store. Must resist temptation until no more traveling to lighten load.

New and huge AKB48 cafe next to Gundam cafe.

 Check out the crowds waiting to get in and there are actually chicks there?

Some guy came out and let some people in. There was still a huge crowd outside a few hours later.

Huge Shining Soul poster. Can`t even tell how the gameplay works from the trailer so haven`t got the game on my psp. The last Shining game was a stupid excuse for bread making game.

Guess who`s ahiru guchi is outside sofmap?

The new look for maid dreamy.

The new group of figure shops opposite it.

OMFG the old Kotobukiya building is gone!

Its was the building where the `satelite` crashed and the murder happened in Steins Gate. If you`ve been to Akiba, Stein`s gate is mad fun to watch.

Project Mirai, which I`m currently playing. :)

Whole row of the Persona fighting game. Looks like Blazblue with chains into launcher into super.

Lots of salarymen playing SF4 during lunch. I lost to a master Cammy called Yoda 6 times and only beat him once. Jumping ex drill eats late tech like crazy. Funny enough his secondary character was Sakura but he doesn`t know anti Abel tech.

I forgot how sensitive Japanese sticks and buttons are. My TE sticks feel so stiff and unresponsive in comparison. I have a tendency to end qcf motions at uf because of playing Viper and my Abel was jumping all over the place. News of SF4`s death has been greatly exaggerated.

Waiting for train to go shinjuku.

Finally found Menya Musashi ramen in Shinjuku. Turn  left at Shinagawa Prince Hotel next to Kabukicho, turn right at main road, keep walking north until you see a post office on right. Then turn right at next turn.

Mmmmm, look at the fatty pork.

Don Quixote at Shinjuku with nice Kurohyou 2 poster. Should have went in cause they might have some merchandise.

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Anonymous said...

wow! ur in japan now. i wish i could join you guys in the future.