Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lupin no shousoku

After updating the previous post to include Soratobu Taiya, I thought to myself that Jade frost and Kazuya have not subbed anything since Marks no Yama. Looked up their page on dramawiki and to my surprise found that they had done two dorama specials that I did not know about! The main cop from Marks (Kamikaya Takaya) is of course playing a cop, Mizorogi in Lupin.

Years ago, Mizorogi was involved in the investigation of the 300 million yen case which was never solved and he was forced to let the main suspect go when the statute of limitations expired after 7 years. Fifteen years later, Mizorogi is assigned to head up a team to investigate the suicide of female teacher because the police received an anonymous tip off and the statute of limitations was one day from expiring. Luckily, the tip off gave the police the names of 3 people who were students of the teacher.

Lupin no shousoku is a police interrogation dorama with plenty of flashbacks. Little by little the audience is fed with bits and pieces about the characters' past. It gets better when we have multiple interrogations at the same time and we get the story from different perspectives. There are plenty of twists and turns and it is executed well. Casting is good and we don't have any crappy overacting here.

The only complaint I have is that the final reveal was way too obvious with too many hints but I'm guessing the writer didn't really care about that and was gunning more for the emotional impact of it. Dorama specials are usually throwaway stories but Lupin no shousoku really feels like a well written movie that makes good use of its limited budget. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do. This is the type of dorama that makes Wowow the shining beacon in the land of generic idoru fluff. The torrent no longer has seeders but luckily I manged to find a direct download link here.

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