Thursday, March 22, 2012

Going to Japan... again!

A few hours away from leaving for the airport. I've been thinking about this trip since my last one. My 2nd trip turned out much better than I expected and I just had to go back. It was a question of when to go. The questioned was answered when Scandal announced their big concert at Budokan late last year. I asked bframe5 to help me get the tickets and starting planning my trip. The problem with going to concerts in Japan is that they always announce it pretty late, like 2 months before. Last trip I had to change my flight twice to accommodate the Scandal and Mano Erina concerts.

Speaking of Mano Erina, no concerts announced yet. Obviously she had to do the Kamen Rider movie. I was also always checking out the Dream Morning Musume website. Could have made it for their concert last year but I couldn't be stuffed changing my flight and plans for a third time. They had a whole bunch of concerts throughout the end of last year. Then in February, they announced their Budokan show which was held at the beginning of this month.

I could have possibly gone for it but;

1) Leave roster at work was booked out for March. Could have possibly been able to get it with some begging.

2) I would have needed to stay one whole month in Japan which is not a bad idea except that for this trip I'm taking some leave without pay so taking more leave without pay and living in Japan is very expen$ive. All this and assuming that bframe5 would be able to get a ticket for me.

3) I had watched last year's Dream Momusu concert dvd and didn't enjoy it as much cause I wanted to hear them sing more old school songs instead of the 'newer' songs from when most of them weren't even in the group. At least they sang Say Yeah! Motto Miracle Night.

Remember the old days of Yossi is fat/no she isn't comments?

Then they announced it was going to be their 'Final Concert' and I was like shiiiiit. I was so momusu crazy back in the day and I would never have a chance to see Nacchi and Yuko live again. Then I read the concert report and OMFG. Ishiguro Aya, Nono and Goto Maki showed up. I missed out on old school Tanpopo songs because I was too lazy???!!!!! I missed out on seeing 4 of the original 5 on stage! I missed out on Maki in Pucchi Moni! Gaaaaaaaahhhhhh. That was truly the dream concert for Momusu fans.

Oh yeah, Uniqlo are selling 14 different Metal Gear Solid shirts from April 16th which is after I leave Japan! Grrrrr. Talk about bad timing. Regrets don't work so gotta look forward to this trip.Whatever that I missed out on like the Nipponbashi street festival, there's bound be to other stuff that I can get into.

I was planning to do a lot more traveling this time including going to Fukuoka and Kumamoto with the Scandal concert on a weekday and me wanting to spend weekends in Tokyo and spend at least 4 days in Osaka, it would have made for a very busy schedule and I didn't really want to do the one day here, next day there from my first trip especially traveling by myself. Better to take it slow.


Jung said...

rock on brother~

That means I get to go to Japan too... through Mike. *cries in joy*

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I hope you have a great time. :)

Akiramike said...

Jung, you need to go yourself and experience it!