Friday, March 30, 2012

More Scandal stuff

Closer look at Tour Calender.

Scandal carry bag. Cost 500\.

Scandal towel muffler.

Scandal copy band.

Wowow are going to show the concert. Does that mean no dvd?

Hhhmm, naughty schoolgirl Mami with twin tails...

Mmmmm.. Rina.

Black hair Mami is so much cooler.


From the Girls be Scandalous book. I think this is from Doll.


- Rina said she would be changing her hairstyle. She wanted to keep the same hair until they reached Budokan.

- The intro video to the concert was as if Scandal were going to for a real boxing match with footage of them training and being hounded by reporters.

- Thanks for the info about the prank theme camouflage. Should have been obvious with them coming out dressed like biker gangs. My main beef was them spending 30 minutes on skits and talking but it turned out ok cause it was a 2 1/2 hour concert.

- The concert I went to last year was 2 hours and that 30 minutes of talking and skits felt like padding and time wasting.

- Some of the earlier songs in the concert actually had their own music videos which I`m assuming were made for the concert..

-  You can get the Scandal goods here. Dunno if they ship overseas. Would`nt mind the black hoodie.

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