Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 2 part 3: Odaiba

First stop after the Anime Fair was Miraikan. Its a science museum about the future.

Nice big globe that reminds me of Dr. Evil's HQ. Its suppose to be something about geology or something like that. Zzzz.

Its time to retire Asimo and put in those chick robots.

One of the many science stuff. Seriously, I was very bored and regretting the 1000 yen entrance fee. Could have gotten me some nice ramen.

This one is probably the most interesting exhibit.

I thought it would be some sort of Child of Eden type thing.

But basically its you're walking circle beneath your feet and the circle and things on the wall gets personalised as you move from station to station.

The walk around the globe was cool though. Unless you have kids with you or love reading lots of random science facts, avoid Miraikan.

Ladies and gentlemen, Japan has succeeded in building the next weapon of mass desctruction.

Too bad it doesn't officially open until I'm gone from Japan. :(

So tempted to run up for closer look but there was some guy around working there.

Sega Joypolis building at the background. Couldn't be stuffed going.

Haven't I seen you in jdoramas before?

WTF did Takei Emi ever do to deserve drink sponsorship?

My first sakura tree! Unfortunately I got distracted and forgot to go down and take more pics.

I am standing at the same spot Fukuda Saki stood for her Goodbye My Love PV.

Tokyo Wankei. The skies cleared up later and it looked much better but I was too lazy to retake pictures. The view of the bridge from the train is awesome.

WTF this is in Odaiba I will never understand.

Wedding complete with white priest probably speaking with fake heavily accented Japanese.

Fuji terebi byuilding.

Guess what's at the shop? One million Akiyama dollars for 500 yen. Would have bought if they had Tabe Mikako money.

Nagakura cake from Saigo kara. Now I understand how that eatery survives without having any customers.

Suddenly evil monster attacked Odaiba!

But guys with fins on their heads showed up to save the day. The kids were going absolutely bonkers over this,

Apparently some AKB48 girls are in an Ultraman show.

On an unrelated note, just read that Ishiguro Noboru the director of Macross and Legend of Galactic Heroes has passed away. Macross is probably the most influential anime for me and LoGH is to me the greatest anime series ever.


Sonnaaaaa~ said...

OMG OMG I need that Saigo Kara cake!! Where is that place? Must goooooo.

Akiramike said...

Fuji TV building in Odaiba. Its got this huge sphere on top. You can never miss it.