Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 13 Osaka

I forgot who was it that recommended I try noko ramen at Mitsuboshi. Just turn left exiting Fukushima station, keep walking and turn left on the street before Sunkus, walk pass the BMW building on your right and turn left. It opens for lunch at 11.30 so killed some time by random walking. Got there a bit after 11.30 and it was already full with a small queue.

Menu on the outside. Cute waitress take your order as you wait in line. Its similar to Menya Musashi in that there a lot of shouting when they do the ramen. Decor is not beautiful and I actually like it that way. Lots of plates and boxes here and there. Gives me the feeling that they are more concerned with the food than anything else.

I believe that Mitsuboshi opens for lunch to around 2.30 or something and then a few hours for dinner. I think its bloody awesome that they open for limited hours because it is always full.

Noko ramen. The ramen and charsyu are ok but the soup is bloody brilliant. Best ramen I`ve tasted in Osaka.

Line outside as Mitsuboshi as I left.

Temple west of Umeda. Can`t remember name of area. Basically lots of love hotels and businesses of that sort..

I think it read Taiyoji but I could be wrong.

If I had a gazillion dollars, I`d want a backyard like this.

Another random temple.

I was told that Sakura`s were at 50%. So not yet mankai which is full bloom. And yes I was told that by a fellow snack dude who had a phone app for looking up hanami reports. Also found out tha correct way for asking for Marlboro reds at the kombini is akamaru. I always get the `you`re not Japanese, are you?` look everytime I ask for akai no Marlboro.

Project Diva Arcade being projected at the big screen. The arcade game is bloody harder than the PSP game. I watched someone playing the Melancholy of Hatsune Miku and it makes the PSP version look like cakewalk.

Super potato new store in Den Den Town.

AKB48 on Taiko. Konami, if you are listening, I just want GuitarFreaks on PS3 all Scandal and Zone songs. I`m happy to spend another $300 for guitar.

Picture with Shinoda Mariko in maid costume.

Spaghetti with tonkatsu.

Club Sega Avion. That is Cantona Zangief. Warrior rank SF4 player. This game centre has lots of AAA/Master Cammys, Master Claw etc. I lost a shit lot of points and 100\ coins playing here. I think me record against Cammy here is 1 win and 25 loses. I need to play lower rank Cammy to learn matchup though after I experiencing what Master Cammy can do, I can`t think of answer.

The one game I won against the AAA Cammy was when he meaty c.MP or something option select ultra for backdash and I ex rolled. Cammy vortex is so low risk and instant ex dive kick just beats pushing any button. I did focus attack once against Master Cammy and he instantly dped on landing. WTF. I noticed some people use focus dash against dive kick. Needs testing.

Lots lots of money and points and I feel like such a noob. There`s 8 machines at Sega Avion and two machines are only linked to each other so basically Cantona was playing against high level ppl. Other famous players include 666 and Dath Viper who just started an Adon card.

I am sucker for chicks with guitars so bought another CD. She didn`t allow pictures. Might have pictures on website but this PC doesn`t have flash installed.

Homura doll!!!!!!!!!



Antspace said...

Luckily the sakura started blooming : )

Akiramike said...

Still not full bloom. You`ll see the difference in my shots from sakura back in Tokyo.