Thursday, April 05, 2012

Day 8 and 9: Ramen hunting in Tokyo.

Forgot to mention also finally sang Sakura Goodbye. The music was soft and not as `rocky` as the original. At least I got that out of my system. Bloody karaoke didn`t have Harukaze though. That`s probably the no.1 song I want to try singing.

Actually this is from day 7. That`s Vryu sensei, one of the top European SF players and he is already a master after like 200+ games and a 75% winning percentage. Club Taito Shinjuku East is like hotbed for master level players. Watching his Makoto kill other masters is crazy and his reactions are godlike.

At Shinagawa station.

I`d rather see Yoshitaka Yuriko`s face than Takei Emi who seems to be everywhere.

I really wanted to eat Kumamoto ramen and Iino suggested Natsuttei. Looked it up online and apparently its bloody famous and the boss is frequently on tv.

Waiting line.

Looks`s good doesn`t it? Unfortunately, its pretty meh. Its still better than anything in Melbourne. If this could be found in Melbourne I would be bloody happy but I was definitely expecting more.

Entrance to Nansuttei Shinagawa.

Shinagawa Skyline and train tracks.

Stupid underpass under the tracks and its too bloody low so everyone has to walk it hunched over. Kept bumping my bloody head.

Moteki movie!

Next ramen to try was Ichiran in Shibuya. Had it at Fukuoka two years ago.

You get to choose what ingredients and how much you want.

The light shows which seats are empty. Basically you get your own cubicle and you don`t see the person who serves you. However there is a lot more talking than I remember from the Fukuoka shop.

That thing on the right is for my extra ramen.

There it is and.. it was underwhelming. I think its because I chose medium flavour. I`m definitely going back for stronger soup (kotteri).

Kinect demos at Yodobashi Akiba. The 1 second lag is so bloody obvious.

Outside Kanda station.

Went to 1kara, its like a solo karaoke place. You get your own solo room, headphones and can even record your own singing. Unfortunately, there was a 30 minute wait and I couldn`t be stuffed waiting.

Lots of umbrellas in Shibuya. I think I spent most of the day playing SF at Shibuya Kaikan.

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