Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Day 11 and 12: Gift in Osaka

Let`s skip ahead because I want write about this now. I`ve been in Osaka two nights and drinking at this snack called Gift which I accidentally stumbled upon last year. Having a great time and the best thing is that its got karaoke. A lot of expen$ive than going karaoke but you get a cute Japanese girl clapping along. I`ve got a huge list of songs I want to sing and so far I`ve done

1) Macross theme song
2) Runner (Macross ending song)
3) Abaredasu by Ulfuls
4) Hajimete kimi no shabereta by GagagaSP (a bit too fast for me)

Yuka is the best girl at the snack. Most geniune personality and hardcore anime fan to boot. She`s got figures from Haruhi, Ano Hana and K-on and has played the Ryuga Gotoku Games. Got her to sing anime songs with me.

5) U & I
6) Fuwa Fuwa Time. The best part was when she did the echoes. Next song we`re going to do is God Knows which I`ve sung before in Melbourne.
7) Secret Base

Sang a couple of songs I`ve done before and of course obligatory English song which was Bon Jovi`s You Give Love a Bad Name. This is killing my wallet but what the hell. I learned from my last trip that I shouldn`t hold back and I should spend as long as I`m having fun.

Two songs I really really want to sing are by Yura Yura Teikoku. Tsumetai Gift and Rame no pantalon. Unfortunately both songs are unvailable on the DAM system. :(

Sucks that DAM also doesn`t have Tenshi ni furete from K-on.

8) Masayume by Spitz.
9) Robinson also by Spitz.

There was another girl whose name escapes me who is a Spitz fan so got to sing those two with her. Need to find someone to sing on the DAM system in Melbourne with me. I need to find out whether there is another karaoke system cause I really want to sing some Yura Yura Teikoku. DAM has got 3X3X3 but its way too fast for me.

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