Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Unmei no Hito eps 1 and 2


- Great cast. Motoki Masahiro, Matsu Takako, Omori Nao (Hagetaka), Maki Yoko and Manpyou Daisuke. Awesome acting all around. Nice to see Maki Yoko get a meaty role.

- You see the ending in the beginning along with flashes of what will happen during the series..... and it doesn't matter cause its still a bloody exciting political drama. Its all about execution.

- You got politics, cover up and debates about the role of journalists. Lots of issues to cover. Should journalists play kingmaker? Does the public have the right to know sensitive and confidential government documents?

- Main character is an idealist who is also very headstrong to the point of ignoring others. Lots of characters who will do anything to do achieve their goals. Whether they are right or wrong or whether the end justifies the means is up for debate. The characters aren't as clean as Kanryoutachi no Natsu and more realistic.

- Newbie reporter used to explain stuff to the audience who is not a johnny and does not appear more than necessary. cough Ai no Nedan. cough.

- I thought WOWOW was going to save this season with Suitei Yuzai (it still can) but I'm surprised this excellent show is from TBS and not NHK.


- Not enough people downloading the sub files. Please pimp this dorama.

- Just realised that ep 3 subs are out and its 2 am. Sleep can wait....


Garcon said...

If bshater over at D-Addicts is right, I think this might be the same guy who did all the Japanese dramas for WithS2.

Looks really promising.

Akiramike said...

No confirmation yet that he's MisterX.

If he is, I wonder why he didn't release it through the WithS2 site.

Garcon said...

I've been following MisterX/Anarchist's subs for a few years, and I'm almost certain these are his. Similar speech patterns, and that unique colloquial rhythm that takes liberties but always makes everything sound like a real conversation, as opposed to fragmented pieces of translation.

But even if it isn't him, I'm just glad someone is subbing this.

Akiramike said...

Blacklodge has not confirmed that he is MisterX. I guess you could say if he wasn't he would have said so.