Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tsumi to Batsu: A Falsified Romance ep 1

qnuy asked Vulcan300 in the Suitei Yuuzai thread whether they were going to sub Tsumi to Batsu. Vulcan300 replied that it was too dark for their tastes and it pricked my ear. Did a PM and was sent the ep 1 subs. I am happy to say this is the type of Wowow dorama I want! Dark and unrelenting. None of that Sesame Street crap from Suitei Yuuzai. Feels very much like a Sono Sion movie. If you're a fan of Sono Sion, stop reading and PM Vulcan300 for the subs!

Marks from Marks no Yama plays the main character Miroku. Miroku is this socially detached guy from the country who moved to the city for uni. Except he doesn't go and locks himself in his room all day. Its clear something is wrong with this dude and we get a few reasons. His dad who I think is a writer passed away when he was young. My guess is suicide. Miroku's mom stubbornly believes in his dad and tells him to grow up and be a great man like his father. Miroku's sister played by Ito Ayumi works to support his studies and he believes that she is going to marry a rich dude for money which pisses him off.

One day, Miroku gets propositioned by a cute high school girl, Risa for sex. He turns her down and proves that he is mentally insane. Unless of course he suspected it might be a trap. However, Miroku follows her and scares away her next customer by banging away at a signboard and giving a deranged stare. It seems he gets pissed off at women doing stuff for money.

Miroku follows Risa and discovers that she is part of an enjou kousai ring led by Baba Hikaru (Hashimoto Ai). Hikaru is the best bitch you'll love to hate since Fukuda Saki in Life. She bullies and abuses Risa without remorse and forces all members of the enjou kousai ring to service 3 customers a day.

Hikaru is an awesome character. A villain who revels in being a bad. She does it because she enjoys it and makes no apologies. Hikaru gives her business card to Miroku who is appalled by what he sees and then he gives her a proposition.....

This won't turn into Suitei Yuuzai because there's no way to go Sesame Street on this. Tsumi to batsu will go places we never go in real life. Miroku is naive and delusional but he is self aware. I love it when he calls himself a hypocrite after admonishing Risa.

Miroku is a character who's life and priorities are screwed up to the point that he is looking for a mission in life. A reason for existence. They'll be plenty of time character examination with 6 episodes. Nurse Miki from Iryu seems like she will play a big role in this dorama but her character hasn't appeared yet.

As can be seen from the pictures, Tsumi to Batsu looks awesome. Its typical Wowow muted colours movie look and its always such a contrast from your colourful and brightly lit from 3 light sources jdoramas. After seeing Wowow doing it for all their shows, bright colourful doramas seem to be a stylistic choice. Perhaps to achieve that anime like unreality.

Furransu says he will only upload the rest if the series is subbed. At least we've got the chinese tvrips and I'm downloading ep 2. Hope the chinese subtitles can be turned off or it will be distracting. Guess I'll find out in 15 minutes. I just love the Baba Hikaru character. After watching Tsumi to Batsu, I'm as happy as a Hulk smashing aliens in Manhattan. 


cat_fish_cat said...

Hello! I happen to come across your blog! I wanted to ask where you have gotten the English Subs for Tsumi to Batsu? Also do you have another source for the drama aside from d-addicts because I dont use torrents..

Akiramike said...

PM Vulcan300 at d-addicts for the subs.

Anonymous said...

I think you're giving WOWOW too much credit; this is adapted from a manga which, in turn, is based on Dostoyevsky's novel of the same name. It's been adapted into film/drama numerous times, and if you're into this kind of stuff for entertainment, then you may want to go straight for the source.

amy said...

And Shokuzai wasn't too dark? xD Mind you, Tsumi to Batsu is pretty dark, but... come on. LOL