Friday, March 01, 2013

Nagoya day 3

This is where the SKE48 theatre and shop are. At night, there are a lot of hosts and hostesses standind around soliciting business.

Nagoya tower in the distance.

 View from top of Nagoya tower.

 Another Yabaton close to Osu.

My third and last Yabaton. Its too expensive and doesn't taste that much better than regular tonkatsu.

Shirokawa koen.

 Science museum. Couldn't be stuffed going in.


Urban Square game centre. This is where Nagoya Street battle is held. Unfortunately, its best out of 3 rounds.

 Idolmaster arcade game !

Tony Taka gallery upstairs with original art costing 2-3 k.

 Went to Sekai no Yamachan with Aaron from Melbourne.

The tebasaki was nice but portions were really small. The main reason I wanted to go was that it was in Ryu ga Gotoku.


Jung said...

That is pretty price meal indeed. I had some seriously dericious katsu+rice+soup meal in kyoto for 850yen... I just kept going back day after day...

Akiramike said...

That sounds cheap. Large portion of katsudon?

Wewi said...

That's a really awkward place to have a Ferris wheel, and even more so to live.