Saturday, March 02, 2013

Japan Day 9 : Yokkaichi

Breakfast at Sukiya.

Daigo's second book.

 Girls really play love plus?

 Hotel room in Yokkaichi.

Pr0n pamphlet in hotel room. I only got a 20 second preview. Basically get a card from reception and top it up with machines on every floor. Hhmm, Yamaguchi sisters and Hara Saori.

 Went to Izakaya with bframe5.

Supposedly the place to go for 80s anime talk other than Gundam.

 Char Aznable Gundam bar. OMFG. This bar is freaking awesome. No pictures allowed unfortunately so trust me when I say the bar is so cool and I don't even like Gundam.

Best of all are the girls wearing tight, short Gundam uniforms. Holy effing eye candy. And all 3 were pleasing to the eye especially the one that bframe likes. Perfect body with uber sexy uniform : nosebleeds. I was happy to see her walk back and forth.

Highly recommended. Don't think you can find better eye candy anywhere. The nice body girl goes back to Kobe in 3 weeks and I'm thinking of finding a day in my schedule to come back Yokkaichi.

 Balloon popping game where you take turns throwing a dice and pushing in the rods X number of times depending on number.

 Bframe5 in torture device.

 Must go attraction of Yokkaichi.

Thanks to bframe5 for getting me concert tickets and a great time!

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