Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 20 Part 1 : Yanagawa Canal Cruise

 Got up in the morning for a hori (canal) cruise.

 House across the street. Waiting for cruise to star.

 Map of cruise.

 Lots of obasans in the boat.

 The guide was saying when he gets foreign tourists, it gets lonely cause no one understands him or laughs at his jokes.

 Sometimes the views from behind are the best.

We decided to walk back to the car and work up our apetites.

 This is where they come for New Years Day.

 Apparently its different with every shrine.

 3 busloads of JKs. Picture taken frome safety of egress vehicle.

Yakiniku for lunch. The horumon was godlike


Jung said...

I think Mike quit his job 3 weeks ago and blowing his severance pay to finance this trip...

Akiramike said...

Actually I'm looking for am OL to take me in as a pet.

Wewi said...

That new years entrance leaves too many holes for bad jokes.