Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nipponbashi Street Festa 2013 Pictures Part 5

 Best cosplay! The way it moves is awesome! Huge props.

 Human dolls.

 The one and only Berserk cosplay I saw, which speaks to Berserk's popularity.

 To Love Ru.

 Haruhi X Little Busters.

Note dead animal on ground. Lol.


 This started as a small group and then more One Piece cosplayers joined in.

 So kawaii!!!

Hottest sisters in gaming?

That's it for Nipponbashi cosplay pics. Japanese are always polite except when elbow fighting to take pictures of cute girls. Lol. It was very tiring fighting all the ojisans with their giant cameras and shouting onegaishimasu to get the girls to pose your way. The most pro cameraman move is to glide low to the front of the camera pack and take pictures from a low angle.

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