Friday, March 29, 2013

Japan Days 31 - 33 : Osaka and Tokyo

 Final brunch at Kumamoto before taking the Shinkansen to Osaka.

Went back to Mitsuboshi one more time and it was better. Still the best ramen I've eaten in Osaka though I've tried that many.

 Went to Sakura no Niwa but sakura hasn't bloomed.

 This place will probably looking awesome right now..

 One of the few trees that have bloomed.

 I want to come back here during sakura season.

 I got this last year for 9000 yen. Look at the price now.

 Bromide that came with the calender.

SF 25th anniversary artbook. Very heavy book which is the same as the 20th anniversay one with a lot of new ones.

 I love this Shinkiro one. Just need to find a high res picture online and bring it to officeworks.

Daigo book.

 I was recommended this negiyaki store, Yamamoto.

 I think I like negiyaki more than the usual okonomiyaki. Its got more taste.

 Giant siu mais on shinkansen to Tokyo for like 800 yen. Yum.

 Berserk artwork at Shosen book Tower in Akiba.

 I want this bust figure though I couldn't find it.

 Should have gotten the photobook.

 OMFG, I adore Legend of Galactic Heroes but look at the price!

New pair of glasses for like 5200 yen only. They had free lenses as well as a variety of not free ones with very different prices. So far the free ones are working well.

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