Thursday, March 14, 2013

Japan Day 19 Part 1 : Fukuoka

Fukuoka Canal Cmisoy.


Ultimate Madoka box is too big for any bag..

Japan's favourite miming group.

Ramen stadium in Fukuoka?

Because I had the free breakfast at the hotel, I need some time before I can eat again.

Why does the word ergo come to mimd?

Using Starbucks wifi. Btw just need to register online to use their wifi at any shop.

Jump shop. They still selling the Slam Dunk Poster I bought two years ago.

Very nice Ghibli shop.

Just not koteri enough.

I only ate this miso ramen cause its from Hokkaido. Biggest regret of my trip. Don't stuff yourself during lunch when you've great dinner coming.

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