Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nippponbashi Street Festa 2013 pictures : Part 3


 No idea but she's cute.

 Lol, I effing love this!

 Madoka watching while heads are going to be eaten...

 Idolmaster I believe.

No idea.

 Senran Kagura.

 Sonico. Very iroppoi.

 Omae mo, shindeiru.

 Very, very awesome cosplay. Gotta respect the costume and acting dedication.

Double Sakuras!

Yuruyuri, I think?

Cheerleader girl holding Cloud's sword. Cloud was standing neatby amused at the attention.


 Speech before parade.

 What Street Fighter dreams are made of.

 Sonico band?


Tavares said...

While I see these pictures, I think if I see this same people in my country (Portugal) dressed like that, I would thought "Crazy people". But in Japan "sore wa utsukushii/kawaii"...

Akiramike said...

If everyone's doing it, the only person not doing it is crazy.