Sunday, March 03, 2013

Day 10 Osaka

 On bus from Yokkaichi to Osaka.

 Dunno if you can see from this picture but it was rain that looked like snow. The wind was very strong so it looked like the flakes were flying towards the bus instead of falling from the sky.

 Choco chip melon pan. Not enough choco chips but it was nice.

 Nouko ramen at Mitsuboshisemenjou. Dissappointingly too salty.

 Went to Snack Gift and the same girls were still working there. Felt like old times. Yuka still has the Kyubei I gave her last year and she's seen the Madoka movies.

They changed their karaoke system from DAM to joysound. The good thing is that it's wifi; no need to point at the machine. The bad is that sometimes fonts are too small. I was recommended Ichimaru which opens until 3am.

Pretty generic ramen. Don't expect too many pictures of Osaka since I've been here too many times.

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