Sunday, March 31, 2013

Japan Days 34-35 :Shinjuku Chuo Koen and Shinjuku Gyoen

 Sakura in Asakusabashi.

 Went to Tonkatsu Santa/とんかつ三太 for the second time and it was closed again.

Ended up going to Kingdom of Teppan which was close by.

 Better than pepper lunch. Yum.

Look at the price! I really got a deal in Kumamoto.

 Sakura in Nakano.

 Shinjuku Gyoen closed at 4. Gah.

 Decided to go to Shinjuku Chuo Koen.

 Lots of homeless walking around. Really reminds me of Ryu go Gotoku.

 Went to Shinjuku Gyoen the next day and it was raining.

Finally Santa was open.

Yoshi said its the best tonkatsu in Tokyo and I think he is right. Juicy and crispiness that I've never tasted.

1050 yen for tonkatsu teishoku with desert and coffee. I've had some pretty expensive tonkatsu which are not even half as good.

Kawa yakitori for 900 yen? Yes please!

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