Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 16 and 17 : Osaka and Hatsune Miku in Wakayama

Onomichi ramen with hormon. Ok.

Outside Wakayama station.


Another 3 hour queue, this time in the hot sun for goods.

After 1 1/2 hours. Halfway there.

Donburi sold out very quickly. The pictures are of the official goods. Tdisappointedalso a cospa tent.

You see that line on the left? That's for the Cospa shop. Line up for 3 hours for official goods and re-line up from bottom of stairs? No thanks. Granted its the same queue but I couldn't be fucked.

Requeue on the right.

Hello nurse!

Double Mikus.

Crazy queue still going 1 1/2 hours before concert starts.

Someone doesn't belong here.



Seexy beam.

No leeks allowed.

Meiko cosplay saikyo!

Went up too early. Still many cosplayers who just arrived.

Really goosebumps inducing concert. I had an incredible time. Memorable moments were popipo and Miku turning into an angel during Hatsune Miku no shoushitsu. It was an awe inspiring moment.

Most moving moment was Miku singing the chorus of Starduster, band stops playing and everone  is singing along. Stupid onion ninjas.

Coolest was Kochi muite baby with real flames erupting on stage. So many moments that gave me goosebumps. I was very disappointed they didn't do World's End Dance Hall. Finally understood why Melt is such a kickass sing along song. I've been to 5 concerts and this is the best. The crowd energy was just off the charts.

After concert around 5.30 and everyone trying to get to Wakayama Station. All the express trains were booked until 7.50 so I had to take a slow 90 minute one to Tennoji.

Okonomiyaki at Boteju.

For my omiage I got dangos. Dango, dango dango, dango daikazoku.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Dominoes pizza add with the Hatsune Miku app?

Its so lulzy (I want it XD)

Wewi said...

Nice GT86 thanks for the photo. Ferrari owner gone nuts. I'd have gone the name on floor system for queueing?

Wewi said...

Hope you don't catch the China smog while you're in Tokyo...

Akiramike said...

Sounds like a Chinese weapon.