Thursday, March 21, 2013

Japan Days 23 to 27 : Tokyo

Already posted Day 24 which was the Onitsuka Chihiro live. These are pics from the surrounding days.

Miku is everywhere!

Kumamoto omiage. That is Kumamon, not pedobear FYI.

 Beauty and the beast.

 Kyushu jangara used to be godly when I first came to Japan.

 Second season is coming!

 Ryu ga Gotoku cover for my phone. Thanks to Iino for ordering it for me. Couldn't find it anywhere.

No idea why I took this.

 Shin Yokohama.

He looks happy.

 Actually pretty good.

 My second small bowl and the shop is called Ganja. Very nice. Glad I came back to try other ramen.

Takatetsu Ayana!

TE Stick S. Very hard to find nowadays. Hhmm.

 Look at the prices for 2nd hand jdorama dvds!

 Zettai zetsubou toshi 1and 2! I thought shops stopped selling them.

 Went back to the museum for Komurasaki and it tasted like what I had in Kumamoto last week and not like I remembered from last year. I must have been high then.

 Ebidon for less than 500 yen! Fuck yeah.


 Sakura season came early this year!

 Takarakuji in Ikebukuro.

 Waiting in line for ramen Ittou in Shin-koiwa. I was in the 2nd part of the line and it took 30 minutes. That's the first line in the background which snakes into two lines and the ramenya employee directing the queue and getting people to order when they reach a certain point in the line.

Very good. I would say slighty better than the Shinjuku one who's name escapes me atm. Happy to say this Yoshi recommendation panned out.

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