Sunday, March 17, 2013

Japan Day 24 : Onitsuka Chihiro at Nakano Sun Plaza

 Gonna do a time jump cause I prefer writing about shows when they are fresh in my mind. Jdorama fans should know who she is.

 I've taken pics of Nakano Broadway before so you can use the search function on the top right.

T-shirts that are more expensive than the tickets???? WTF?

 Black t-shirt that says 'Fuck your brain' for 7000 yen and not even the Onitsuka Chihiro name on it.

 Had time to kill since I went early for merchandise I ended up not buying. Thought I was back in Kumamoto until I found out 1000 yen was for half an hour. Still good price for nomi houdai in Tokyo until I read it becomes for every 20 minutes after 8. Might as well go snacks for karaoke.

 17 row from front! Woohoo! Best seats this trip. Got goosebumps when she sang Gekkou and Wakusei no Mori. First time hearing Onitsuka Chihiro speak and she's got this coarse, raspy voice that sounds like its breaking. She is still as expressive as ever.

Then she sang Sign and the chorus was one level/degree lower and I think she can't hit those notes anymore. Onitsuka Chihiro can still sing but she can't wail like she used to. Thos was my first everyone sit down concert and instead of chanting ankoru, every keeps clapping for 10 minutes.

The show ran for about 100 minutes. Onitsuka sang Jewel's Save My Soul which I love except that Onitsuka's pronunciation was horrible. So many songs I wanted to hear but she didn't sing. Ryuuseigun. Memai. Infection.  X. She also played the piano and guitar.

The pianist was the same guy from her Orchard Hall live. Not enough classics and I'm sure song songs were  covers. I don't think Onitsuka can sing like before and that was what made her different. This is what she looks like now:

 Two katsu pieces for 1000 yen!

 99 yen kaiten sushi.

 Guess what I bought?

Still can't find a KDO or Shiroi Haru poster. :(


Tavares said...

So, you went to see Onitsuka Chihiro concert??

It was "infection" that made me like her... (^__^)

Keep having fun...

Akiramike said...

Onitsuka Chihiro will always have a place in my mp3 player. Here's a sublime performance of Hotaru.

Akiramike said...

jing said...

I've always wanted to hear "Infection" live. Had I traveled that far and not hear that song, it would've dampened the whole trip.

Thanks, these posts are helpful. *bookmark* I go to Japan for concerts so it's helpful to kinda see what the venue is like.