Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nagoya Day 2

Arrived ten minutes before Yabaton under Naoya station opened.

 Within 10 minutes Yabaton was full and a line was forming outside.

 Verdict? Nice but nothing special except price and portion.

 Toyota museum.

 Toyota actually started out making cloth.

 Hand crafted shell for the early cars.

 Race queens back in the old days.

 Final room.

 Lots of machines that you can actually turn on.

 Looks too cheap. Must be a catch.

Bball shop which unfortunately closes on Wednesday.

Walking around Sakae.

Finally found a game centre. Was walking around Nagoya station yesterday looking for one.

 Spent all evening SFing in Sakae. When I stopped at 9, I had trouble finding my way back to the station cause everything looks different after dark.

 Finally a landmark from Ryu ga Gotoku 5.

Decided to try Yabaton,this time 9th floor of Meitetsu Dept Store.

A lot better. Meat was juicer and the tonkatsu was crispier. Not sure because of different store or teppan made it soggy.

Forgot to mention I met some from Melbourne on holiday as well and he knows the same ppl I know. Wouldn't have happened if he wasn't sitting my in seat and we had to confirm our names with the bus lady. Sometimes the world can seem so small.

Man, Japanese tv can spend hours talking about the same incident.

Finally it is my opinion that Nagoya women are classier than Tokyo women.


Wewi said...

Classier = higher maintenance?

Akiramike said...

Probably. You come up and see for yourself lar.