Saturday, February 09, 2013

Karamazov no Kyoudai eps 1-4

Based on the novel by Fyoder Dostoyevsky, is a story about a rich, abusive dad who is found dead (played by scenery chewing Kotaro Yoshida at the beginning of the series and his three sons. The three sons are interrogated at the police stations and eps 2-4 deal with each of their back stories. Its an aristocratic style murder mystery with family secrets as little bits and pieces are fed to the audience through flashback.

There is a hightened sense of unreality in this which is made worse or enhanced depending on your tastes by a lot of overacting, especially from Ichihara Hayato. It sort of works that Hayato's character, the second brother is very wound up but his acting is so artificial. Its like he is posing for the camera and is always grimacing so unnaturally like a Rob Liefield character. It seems like he can only act one way and the only thing that it is suited for is slapstick comedy. He just doesn't have the eyes to convey the mixed emotions that his character goes through.

The other two brothers are all right. I'm going to keep watching cause this is a slow burn mystery and the story should be good. Shame about the overacting. Sort of watchable/tolerable based on potential. If this were not based on a famous book, I would have dropped it.


Anonymous said...

I was cracking up while reading this mainly bc i agreed with most of what you said about Hayato. I'm surprised that Kora Kengo can actually act natural.

I hope I won't be disappointed by how it pans out. At this stage, I think Kora is the most suspicious.

Even given all that, I enjoy hearing Hayato talk. It's just so funny!

Akiramike said...

Kora Kengo?

Anonymous said...

yeah because he has to live with such a dad.