Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Japan days 4 & 5

Looks like I won't have to jump off the Tokyo Sky Tree since Matsuura Aya didn't show up but Yajima Maimi and that Nyan girl did. Should have paid the ectra $100 for second show for the real waterworks but at least I'll ne able to watch on my PC.

Saint Seiya!

OMFG Gaban!!!! I used to be crazy about this show when I was a kid, along with Kamen Rider.

Roy Focker?

Actually saw someone win at a UFO game. On my way out of the game centre actually saw 2 more people getting their prizes. Was it just random, games getting easier or Japanese really getting good at this?

Urinal pissing game at Club Sega Akihabara. Read about it long time ago but forgot about it and was pleasantly surprised to find it.

Basically it measures your piss.

I wanted to go there after having a couple of beers but I`ve got an early bus tomorrow.

Finally got my Abel to A rank. Now I won`t get points from no card people. A lot of game centres are now doing two credits for 100 yen with best of 5 rounds.

Went to Gyukaku and there was a photo of Tsunku. I remember trying to go here twice before and it was always booked out. Might have taken this picture before on my first trip.

I guess third time`s the charm.

Effing love the karubi. Really melts in you mouth.

Nothing like eating yakiniku with rice, egg and green stuff.


This trip I came to Japan with a long list of places to eat. First was to Shin Koiwa for supposedly the best ramen in Japan according to someone I know. It didn`t seem open and it was past 11am, asked the old lady and she said they were closed. WTF. Went back to Asakusabashi for Tonkotsu Ogi.

Next place on my list of Tonta in Shinjuku which my friend claims is the best Tonkatsu in Japan. Guess what. Closed on Monday as well. WTF. Lesson of the day, best eating places in Japan close on Monday. At least I know exactly where to go eat when I come back to Tokyo.

What to do? Go back to usual Pepper Lunch? Or Tokyo Chikara Meshi which seems to have expanded like mad since last year. Decided to look up Tabelog and go to the highest rated ramen place in Shinjuku and it led me to Fuunji.

Sign of good eating place, line of customers standing behind everyone eating.

Hello ramen awards.

Ordered the tsukemen. It was pretty good but didn`t blow me away. I think my favourite is always Tonkotsu. Still has the usual tsukemen problem of the soup getting cold half way which is why its better for summer.

Trying to ninja shot this girl with Konishi Manami type very dark eyes. Couldn`t think of a way to raise my phone higher without risking her shouting that this hentai ojisan is taking her picture. I need a phone that has a moving camera.


Jung said...

lmao at the last pic.

Lots of cute girls in Japan... I 'almost' don't blame you for attempting.

Wewi said...

Pretend you're taking a picture of yourself lol