Thursday, February 14, 2013

Saikou no Rikon eps 3+4

2013 is really off to a great start with Saikou no Rikon and Shotenin Michiru. Just give me two good doramas every season and I'm a happy d-addict.


- The Eita and Ono Machiko facebook off. Hilariously petty.

- Maki Yoko's story about why she left Eita. The look of absolute shock, horror and bewilderment on Eita's face. (I know its not a good screencap but I'm too lazy) Its a very emotionally raw scene that doesn't try to play cute like a lot of comedies.

- Ayano Gou's speech about tetris. Lucky bastard still wants to bitch about his life. Still like the analogy though.

- Machiko Ono's portrayal of Yuka. She's got this Matsu Takako ability to play this average girl while keeping her character interesting, fun and real. Her playfulness when she discovers Eita's bald spot.


- Eita not having the common sense to put the paper in one of his many pockets. The writer wanted to create some way to get the paper to Maki Yoko but instead of being humourous, it ended up being stupid. Kind of put me off episode 4 but I can't wait to see what happens next.

- What sort of dental work is Eita having that requires him to go at least once per episode? I guess this is what happens when main characters don't have a best friend who's life revolves around the main character to verbalise their thoughts. Not a complaint but more of an observation of the best friend role in storytelling.

On a happy note, Fansubs by Us have started work on Furuhata Ninzaburo season 2!


Jung said...

Haha it's like Kuwano san going to Hayasaka san in KDO. Almost every episode something goes wrong.

Ass bleeding, sprained arm, exhaustion

Akiramike said...

Kuwano was obviously there to talk because there was no way he would call up Hayasaka and ask to meet. Eita is there having dental treatment every week and not as an excuse.

Hhmm. The writer might stop Eita going now since he is seeing the nurse.

Anonymous said...

Eita just gets better and better!I also liked the look of horror on his face. You could really FEEL how sick with guilt he would've been.

Ono rules!

Both characters are so real you forget their acting. Especially Eita.

Akiramike said...

Agreed. That's what separates Eita's Hamasaki from every other wishy washy main character.

lzyData said...

One wonders what the nurse sees in Hamasaki. Yes, if anyone really goes to his dentist even for cleaning so often, his gums will bleed, never mind his back.

Off-topic, but this: Survey reveals the most satisfying dramas of the winter season.

Now I realize my viewing preferences are like the opposite of the Japanese public - I like the dramas they don't like and vice versa :( Also, men are much more picky with their dramas than women.

Antspace said...

Yes, I was wondering about that today. Especially the late night dorama's. Michiru and Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi are my two favorite ones there : (
I was also a bit disappointed to see Saiko no Rikon only at number 4 with the prime time ones... That's my third favorite this season.

Akiramike said...

Izydata, we just have to accept the nurse likes married men who love complaining about their life whole day.

Japanese women will like a dorama just because they find an actor really cool or an actress very beautiful.