Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 1 - Back in Tokyo

- Why hasn't anyone created a service where you get knocked out before a long trip and wake up at your destination?

- Having to fly to crazy hot Cairns and a 2 hour wait for the connecting flight and then another hour for Narita Express to Tokyo.

- It really feels like I never left. No omfg I'm in another country feeling. Then again I spend all my non working hours watching Japanese stuff and playing Japanese games.

- Very lovely 2 degrees at night, especially coming from crazy week of constant 33 degree days in Melbourne. If only I can spend all my Australian summers in Japan or vise versa.

- Saw some guy playing the 3DS XL on the train. Very tempted.


gankooyaji said...

お帰り!! Looking forward to pics and comments (if I can contain my envy)

Anonymous said...

i canNOT contain mine!!?!!!!:'(((((((((((((((((

have fun though!!