Monday, February 11, 2013

Shotenin Michuru no Mi no Ue Banashi eps 3-5

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our second must watch of this season! Its so good it makes me regret saying that Karamazov no Kyoudai is tolerable. The acting and directing in Shotenin Michuru is so good I feel like I was wasting my time trying to find something good about Karamazov no Kyoudai. I know they are both different genres but they are similar in that they are both about the slow burn of delving into the psyche and relationships of flawed characters.

The 5 episode build up in Shotenin Michuru is awesome. The characters are always interesting and it takes its time building up the relationships and developing the characters. I usually dislike stories about a small lie that escalates because they usually feel like a Disney moral lesson story. In Shotenin Michuru, it feels more like regular people who are neither good nor bad put in an unusual situation and seeing how they respond to it.

My, what huge eyes you have...

I sort of had an idea how the story would go with the 200 million yen but episode 5 brought something I didn't expect. I won't spoil it but Kora Kengo was cast in this dorama for a reason. :) I want episode 6 so bad. The story can still go south but the first half is great.

The director Gozu Naoe is doing a splendid job. Movie like quality and a lot of scenes are just letting the acting speak for itself. I just love the playful mood of the series. Its as if its taunting the audience, "Do you actually think you know what's going to happen?".


Jung said...

MARKS NO YAMA!!! ah hah ahahaha

Get that man his own telephone booth!

Antspace said...

This is a pleasant surprise indeed. Having seen the first three eps I'm very excited about this series as well! The cast is great, but I LOVE Toda Erika in this! She's great as the wishy washy Michiru. Michiru is so confused that her actions will surely lead to the next personal disaster. The tension is slowly building, but it's not too slow. It's lots of fun. The music in it is very nice too. Really looking forward to the next couple of eps : )

lzyData said...

Also following and enjoying how unpredictable this drama is. A viewer feels just like Michiru: that with the gift she has gotten everything should be possible, and yet it's as if her cruel fate has already been decided.

Fun fact I found: Emoto Tasuku who plays Michiru's country bumpkin boyfriend Kyutaro and Ando Sakura who plays Michiru's hapless colleague are husband and wife in real life. Adds an interesting touch to their scenes together.

Jung said...

@izydata wow, didn't realize those two were married and have famous parents!

They're young kids!

Akiramike said...

That is one talented family and Ando Sakura's dad was in Ryu ga gotoku 5!