Saturday, February 02, 2013

Koi Suru Hae no Onna

I'm still catching up on last year's doramas that I want to watch. After the overly soap opera-ish 37-sai Doctor dorama, I want to watch Mimura in something good. Koi Suru Hae no Onna also has Kakei Toshio as the lead so I also wanted to see what someone who is a perennial supporting actor can do.

Mimura  plays Komori, a meek primary school teacher who's fiancee just broke up their engagement. She loves going on message boards to vent and getting encouragement but there is someone who keeps calling her mosca which is Portugese for fly/hae. This someone, Yaeyaegashigashi starts stalking her, calling her and turning her life around.

The slapstick comedy of this normal girl learning to stand up for herself is pretty hit or miss. Sometimes its funny like when stalker tells Komori a stupid irrelevant story that becomes relevant and sometimes it just drags. I really enjoyed the telephone conversations where Komori and stalker are in their sets which are right next to each other and it was theater-like, perhaps a nod to the story's roots.

Koi Suru Hae no Onna is a comedy that's not very funny and the romantic part at the end just feels tacked on because of the tone of the dorama. A disappointing meh from me.

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lzyData said...

I really wanted to like this because Mimura is great and she doesn't do many dramas, but the story and dialogue are a real letdown.