Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Japan day 6 : Nagoya

Waiting to board Willer Bus in Shinjuku.

 Statue of naked dude outside Willet Express.

 Watching horrible Hollywood movies with Japanese dubbing does makes it interesting cause it seems like the dubbing is cast with what they think the characters shpuld sound like instead of sounding similar to the actual actor.
 First time for me travelling long distance bus in Japan and it was pretty comfortable.

 Making two stops along the way really helped.

 Mount Fuji in the distance.

 Travelling by bus is a good idea to save on getting a JR pass.

 My room in Nagoya.

 Walkway to room.

 Nagoya Station.

 Animate nearby.

 I'll never get tired of Coco Ichiban.

 Next on my list is Ebi Katsu. (^_^)

 You got the powahhh!!!!

 Reason 999 why Japan is better than Australia.

 Some anime about a kid who hasn't even hit puberty racing in a rally.

 Lol Kinpachi sensei spoof from season 2 of Yuusha Yoshihiko is actually a tv character.

Japanese tv is all about showing sob stories and the celebrities' reactions.

 Guess who's on tv?

The show had a graduatiom song theme obviously to promote AKB48 and they mimed, I mean performed on the show. The treat was watching Kinpachi sensei flashbacks to times when Okuru Kotoba was used and then we had Kinpachi sensei himself singing the song.


Anonymous said...

I took an overnight Willer Bus to Osaka before, pretty comfortable. And I slept quite well that night.

Akiramike said...

Did you have short breaks along the way?