Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 2 Tokyo and Berserk The Golden Age movie 3!

Tonkotsu ramen ogi/とんこつラーメン荻

For some reason I wrote the name as hagi last year.

Photokano kiss coming to Vita.

Interesting that they sell download only games with box.

I'm definitely getting this.

Ryu ga gotoku 5 special PS3.

No idea who she is but definitely my type.

 Tomodachi ga sukunai exhibition at Gamers Akiba. Do not watch the anime it is so boringly generic.

Kenshin on cover of magazine at smoking room in Akiba.

 Police line at Shinjuku station.

Definitely not suicide, no place to jump to death from? Stabbing?

You cant go Shinjuku without visiting here. It actually felt too safe at 6pm. Result of Ishihara `cleaning up the streets`? I only realise the correlation of that and Kurohyou 2 after watching it.

Gave Musashiya ramen another go. Very generic.

Got a couple hundred points in my quest for A rank. There was a Fei Long grandmaster called A and I made sure to sit on the same row. Then he moved across and stole my points with his B Cammy. Ggrrr.

 Outside Shinjuku station. Very good band.

 Berserk goods at Waldo 9 in Shinjuku, the only cinema in Kanto showing the 18+ version.

 Very good movie. The first was cut and paste scenes from the series. The second was better but the 3rd, they really know what they are doing now. I like that there are a lot of new perspectives and it doesn`t strictly adhere to the manga in terms of camera/viewpoints. To me, the more different the better as long as they keep the iconic images. Like the Guts fight up the stairs after getting Griffith was claustrauphobic and conveyed Gut`s fury very well.

The Eclipse scene is godlike. Very, very operatic. Its sort of the Ned Stark moment of series and to me, they made the psychology stuff more obvious ie did Griffith throw himself on Casca as a calculated move to keep her from leaving and not just wanting to bone her? Some of the animation looks a bit rough but the 3D is much improved. If only they had the budget of a Ghibli film. Great job after stumbling out of the block. I really hope they get to do a 4th movie and release it in Winter so I can come watch.

Finally, surprisingly lots of women watching. Maybe only 10 percent but not a few. Women going by themselves as well as in pairs. I`ve only met one other Berserk fan in Melbourne in so many years and here I was in a cinema full of Berserk fans. You know how they are all fans? The credit starts and NO ONE LEAVES. I go watch a Marvel movie on the first day in Melbourne and most people leave. Everyone sits down for the after credit scene. I fucking love Japan!!!!

Hentai Kamen movie is coming!!!!


Tavares said...

The girl who you have "no idea who she is but definitely my type." is Hanazawa Kana:

Keep having fun...

Akiramike said...

Thanks. Ooh she was Mayuri in Steins Gate...