Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thermae Romae 2

No Thermae Romae poster inside Wald9. If it weren't for an Oscar Promotion girl, I would be very excited for this movie.

Long story short, basically a repeat of the first movie except half as funny. First half is basically Abe Hiroshi being tasked with building baths for gladiators, Kitamura Kazuki, kids etc as he flies back and forth between ancient Rome and modern Japan.

Abe trying out modern gadgets is funny like Abe at the women's toilet or at the water slide but the Roman stuff is not. The Roman sets do look impressive though with lots of extras speaking in dubbed Japanese. Unless you absolutely loved the first one, there's nothing newfor it to be worth your time. Be warned that you might leave the cinema with the chant from the song Yusaku in your ear.

I guess the translation of Days of future's Past is Future & Past.

I was so tempted to pulk out my phone and look up words during the movie but I didn't want to get on trouble and had to make mental notes to look things up later. I guess I won't forget what 疫病 means anytime soon.

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