Monday, May 05, 2014

Alice no Toge eps 1-3

Alice no Toge is surprisingly not bad. Its not without its faults with its details like how much time it it take Ueno Juri to stick all those papers in episode one without being found out or why reveal her identity to everyone else besides humpty dumpty and risk her plans being derailed? She could have easily gotten her message through without showing her face.

The thing is, watching a badass Ueno Juri on the trail of vengeance is fun. I can't believe they've got Kuriyama Chiaki playing such a minor role. However, Ueno Juri seems to be running out of people to get revenge on and I'm guessing the second half of Alice no Toge will turn into a different show.

I went in with low expectations because of the writers but Ueno Juri is someone who can elevate mediocre material. She can definitely act rings around those overpushed Oscar agency talento and the supporting cast of Alice no Toge is good. Surprisingly watchable so far.


dgundam said...

I started watching because of Ueno juri so far it's OK. My main gripe is that she leaves the revenge targets alive. What's to stop them from banding together and going after her. It unfortunate but chiaki kuriyama is not famous enough in Japan for her own mainstream drama as a main lead. I heard that she's an Otaku and she's more famous only to western fans because of battle Royale and kill bill.
On another note I'm about to go to Japan in 2 days for about 1.5 weeks. I'm beating myself up since I still haven't learned Japanese after all these years. Gonna have trouble getting around and will probly have lost in translation moments. Chose to stay at odaiba because of the Gundam museum lol.

Mrmz said...

I had higher expectation so it was kind of a let down but still not so bad. I'm mostly enjoying Odagiri Joe here :D Ueno Juri is pretty good in that role ;) I just have trouble with how easily the revenge is being taken care of and those evil character were to easy to destroy. Still they're all alive and can come after her :S

As for Japan I went earlier this year and don't know japanese. I still managed to go around. All I need was the english map given in the station and 2 words: Sumimasen & Arigatou :P

Akiramike said...

dgundam, enjoy your trip! Make sure to eat the Tanaka Shoten char siu ramen just behind the gundam.

Mrmz, maybe they'll come back after her in the second half.

lzyData said...

Actually I find it quite mediocre - not as terrible as First Class, but still a one-track heroine in a one-track story. Somehow I have followed it to ep05 and it is pretty much the same.

> how much time it it take Ueno Juri to stick all those papers in episode one without being found out

YES. And you did not mention the HUNDREDS of photos and documents on her wall. Not her Facebook wall, the actual wall in her bedroom. Sigh, the poor interns who had to do that...