Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Japan Day 17 : Temmabashi

Wanted to catch up with Yukimi when I was in Osaka for the Madoka exhibition but the timing was off so I had to reschedule
one more trip to Osaka, specifically to Temmabashi cause she's working there with Megumi tonight. Really wanted to meet Yuka but she's got health problems and had to quit. :(

And Temmabashi is also where the Capcom Hq is! Unfortunately, there is nothing for visitors to do there except take pictures of two Senoku Basara characters and two mascots.

You can see two OLs in the picture bowing to someone, perhaps Ono-san on their way out. If I had run into Ono, I wold have asked why Capcom couldn't afford to renovate the stages in Ultra copy n paste fighter 4.

Temmabashi is pretty boring with the highlight being Keihan City Mall. Some expensive but interesting and expensive food here including kuro beef from Kagoshima.

Bloody raining whole day.

Matsuya double karubi for lunch.

Was regretting Matsuya after I saw shitenou but Yumiko says its crap. Name is very familiar. I might have eaten it at another branch somewhere perhaps.

I stayed till the end since this was my only day. Megumi was completely off her face.

Take two. Air's Clover is actually cheaper by 300円 per hour compared to Gift so I was happy. Temmabashi isn't as interesting as Fukushima-ku but its only two stops from Higashi Umeda. I highly recommend it. Just enter エイアーズクーローハー into tabelog.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the big news in Japan now is the AKB attack and Aska drug charges with the media covering them from every conceivable angle again and again. How about some world news, Japan?


Jung said...

Man, Megusmi san is completely blasted!

$20/hour + drinks? That's a pretty good deal!

Akiramike said...

Its 2700円 an hour at Airs Clover. You can only find 2000円 without strings in Kumamoto.

namaeganai said...

And I thought i was the only getting sick of the whole Aska thing!

On another note, you should do a post about your top ramen place in Japan :) It seems like you are bit of a connoisseur.

P.s great blog, i have long been coming here for your drama reviews. keep it up man!

P.p.s that chick is SMASHED haha!