Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Coffee-ya no Hitobito eps 4+5

Edit: Should have mentioned the theme song Tsuzuku by Sasagawa Miwa can be downloaded here. Credit to whoever uploaded it.

At the beginning of ep 4, I was wondering why I was enjoying Coffee-ya so much? Is it my love for Kurashina Kana? Why does this feel good show make me happy? Is it because I might enjoy screencapping Kurashina Kana more than watching her?

At the beginning of ep 4, the the old lady that Kimura Tae looks after asks her to describe the shopping street. Kimura Tae says that its a shopping street that gives off an old lifestyle vibe and the old lady immediately says, "like the showa-era."

A lightbulb went off in my head. I had found my answer! Its as if the old lady was answering the personal thoughts. The reason why I so enjoyed Coffee-ya no Hitobito is that its a showa era feel good dorama. Generally, I can't stand the more modern feel good shows because they try too hard.

As mentioned in the previous review, Coffee-ya feels more sincere because it doesn't try to over-explain or milk sentimental scenes for all they are worth. Soap opera things still happen but the story quickly moves on. I have no idea whether this equats to showa era dorama but at the end, I don't feel like Coffee-ya is trying too hard to emotionally manipulate me.

I was goin to proclaim it must watch after episode 4 but decided to wait for ep 5. Unfortunately Dan Mitsu is required to act in ep 5. She didn't destroy the episode like in Hanzawa Naoki but Dan Mitsu didn't convince me this was a must watch series.

I really enjoyed Coffee-ya no Hitobito, maybe more than I should. Its a nice and short feel good showa series that even a cynical old bastard like me can enjoy. If you've got basic Japanese, its very easy to watch. Very watchable.

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Anonymous said...

The song 続く draws me to this drama. =)